Weed Gift Delivery in DC
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Under the current law, cannabis is not 100% legal yet in DC, however, potheads are hoping for the situation to change soon. They pinned their hopes on the Safe Cannabis Sales Act of 2021 introduced by Mayor Muriel Bowser in February to get a nod by the end of the year.

If the proposed act is passed, the adult use of cannabis would be legalized, cannabis related criminal records could be expunged, and recreational dispensaries would start operating in the District as soon as 2022.

Until we get there, is there any way to incorporate cannabis into your daily lives? The DC’s cannabis laws are a bit confusing, therefore, we have compiled a guide to help you get your hands on your daily dose of weed.

There is no answer to this question in white and black. The legal conundrum arises from the laws that permit one can possess weed but forbid its purchase and sale.

Under the Initiative 71, everyone with the age of 21 can legally possess up to two ounces of marijuana, transfer up to one ounce to another person, grow up to six plants at a time, and can have bongs and other smoking paraphernalia.

Any violation of the law can land you behind the bars. As long as marijuana in your possession does not exceed two ounces, you do not involve in an exchange of weed involving money, or you do not take a hit before you turn 21, you are perfectly alright.

The law also prevents using weed in public places, therefore you need to exercise constraint and avoid falling to the temptation of lighting up or taking edibles in your neighborhood.

Always keep in your mind, DC is not a state, and 22% of land falls under federal authority, where weed is illegal. Without smoking in public places, you can roam around with up to two ounces of marijuana in the city. But beware, as you step into the federal land such as National Mall or Rock Creek Park, you will be breaking the law.

How can you get weed without buying it?

You got a couple of options to get a dose of weed. First, get a medical card and visit a medical marijuana dispensary in DC to obtain your stuff.

If you do not like to take the medical route for some reasons, nor you have a friend in the city who can share an ounce of marijuana with you, reach out to the delivery services in the DC that provide cannabis as a gift when you purchase something else or make donations to them.

 How does weed gifting work in DC?

You visit the online collection of a DC weed delivery service. Choose a product that you think can best meet your marijuana needs.

Instead of initiating the usual checkout process where you are required to enter your financial credentials to complete the payment process, you only leave your address and phone number while agreeing to make a certain amount of donation to the delivery service.

Using your phone number, delivery service staff reach out to you, and mutually a meet-up place is decided. On agreed time and place both parties meet, you get your weed while handing over the donation to the delivery staff.

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