Stack N Trees Gummies


2 Bags Stack N Trees Gummies 420mg Each Bag

Dip your sweet tooth and enjoy benefits of THC in a flavorful way.

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Looking for the best available gummies in the DC? Look no further.  Canna Stack N Trees 420mg Gummies deliver you a perfect dose of cannabinoid.

Coming in mouth watering flavors, these gummies offer a perfect way to enjoy daily dose of cannabis.

Each packing offers you 420mg of high quality THC packed in a airtight bag. Coming in a pack of 10 gummies, each gummy give you of cannabinoid.

You do not need to worry about measuring  dose, this micro dosing  pack provides you précised amount of Delta 9 THC.

Nothing could be more convenient way to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of THC than Stack N Trees 2 Bag Gift Pack.

Canna Infused Treats bring products to DC cannabis lovers that meet highest quality standards. You can trust our products for quality and consistency.